Friday, March 19, 2010

Best WiFi Mono Laser For Mac - With Style!

Samsung offers a good range of monochrome and color laser printers for Mac OSX - but perhaps most interesting is the sleek, slick Samsung ML-1630W Personal Wireless Mono Laser Printer - the SMALLEST laser printer made to date. This diminuitive printer has both looks and functionality in a compact form factor ideal for WiFi or USB printing from any Mac desktop or laptop:

Best Cheap Mac Compatible Laser Printer : Low-Cost Black and White

There's good reasons to want to own a simple monochrome black and white laser printer for your Mac laptop or desktop: Dirt cheap cost per page at high speeds for your basic printing needs. Paired with a color inkjet all in one, you can have the best of both worlds.

For a dirt cheap monochrome Mac OSX compatible laser well under a $100 - ponder Brother's 2240 USB laser. Over the years, this bargain printer has moved up from 300 to 600dpi, improved print speeds, and now offers 2-sided 'D' duplex printing options.

For a bit more: The next step up in Brother's highly affordable Apple friendly laser line-up. In addition to the the convenience of Duplex, 2-sided printing, 2270DW also offers Airport wireless or Ethernet connectivity (as well as USB2) for your Mac network printing needs

Best Cheap Color Laser Printer For Mac?

So much has changed in the Mac compatible laser printer market in the past few years. Far more compact and lightweight, better OSX printer driver support, faster print speeds at low cost per page compared to inkjets. These have all come to a new era of diminuitive, low-cost COLOR laser printers for Mac.

With far more efficient CMYK toner cartridge designs and simplified mechanics, the days of big, bulky lasers is over. Case in point, Samsung's CLP-315 is a great basic color laser for Mac without the hassle and futzing of ink-guzzling inkjets:

Prefer the convenience of a wireless laser for your Mac network: For about $50 more, the 315W gives whole-house freedom to print from anywhere with both Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and 10/100 Ethernet ports (in addition to USB 2.0):

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Best Bluetooth Speaker For iPad - iPhone - Mac Computer?

Want great stereo A2DP streaming Bluetooth audio at your desktop or on the go? For rechargeable Bluetooth computer speakers for Mac OSX Leopard, Bluetooth enabled iPhones and iPod touch, or Apple's new iPad tablet -- iPevo has a great Li-On rechargeable wireless 2.0 speaker in a smart travel design:

With easy Bluetooth pairing for your Apple device, and onboard Volume, Track, Skip control it's an easy to tote solution for hours of listening between charges via it's integrated USB charging cable. Interlocking design snaps together for travel, twists apart for nice stereo separation at your Mac mini desktop - or for much better sound than your MacBook's built-in speakers.

Best Apple Solid State Drive?

I and many others have found a Mac compatible SSD drive to be the SINGLE BEST computer upgrade ever experienced. Regardless if your MacBook Pro tower, Mac mini or iMac has SATA II or SATA I speed controller -- Intel's XM-25 series SSD delivers reliable performance for OSX. It benchmarks slightly behind SandForce controller SSD disk drives from OCZ, SuperTalent, Corsair, Patriot and others.

In a nutshell: Top performance in an Apple compatible SSD:

For those with 3.5" standard drive needs (such as putting an SSD into an iMac or Mac Pro tower) -- Icy-Dock SATA Drive Converter instantly converts any 2.5" laptop size SATA SSD into a standard full-size drive form-factor.

Best Apple Compatible TV Tuner For Mac?

For the most versatility and flexibility Apple Macintosh owners looking for a complete HDTV watch-record-edit-and-capture video solution should look to a QAM enabled HYBRID TV tuner. Supporting both Digital Antenna and Cable, Analog cable and satellite, and S-Video and Composite inputs. You've got all your Apple TV capture needs covered with either of these two OSX compatible TV tuner cards:

Elgato's EyeTV Hybrid HD tuner for Mac (or PC) remains the #1 choice:

But EyeTV ain't the only game in town. I personally love my Equinux Mac Tuner:

Best Mac Compatible Webcam?

Mac mini and Mac Pro tower owners in particular still have a great need for a Mac compatible web camera. As the two currently shipping models of Macintosh which lack a built-in iSight webcam, they're locked out of video conferencing using iChat, ISPQ, Mac Skype and chat applications. Driverless UVC - USB Video Class webcams are the right choice for modern Macs. Other than the ever popular Mac Vision Pro webcam from Logitech - HP's little USB 2.0 webcam delivers great audio and image quality, color-balance and light sensitivity for less than half the price: