Sunday, March 14, 2010

Best Apple Solid State Drive?

I and many others have found a Mac compatible SSD drive to be the SINGLE BEST computer upgrade ever experienced. Regardless if your MacBook Pro tower, Mac mini or iMac has SATA II or SATA I speed controller -- Intel's XM-25 series SSD delivers reliable performance for OSX. It benchmarks slightly behind SandForce controller SSD disk drives from OCZ, SuperTalent, Corsair, Patriot and others.

In a nutshell: Top performance in an Apple compatible SSD:

For those with 3.5" standard drive needs (such as putting an SSD into an iMac or Mac Pro tower) -- Icy-Dock SATA Drive Converter instantly converts any 2.5" laptop size SATA SSD into a standard full-size drive form-factor.

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