Monday, September 12, 2011

Best HD Webcam For Mac

As with digital cameras and DV camcorders - the trend is ever-higher camera sensor resolution. So too with webcams for Mac. As we crossed from the VGA and 1.3MP web cam era into 2MP and beyond - web camera now offering 720p and 1080p true wide-screen high-definition video chat are becoming more common. THe best of the best in Mac compatible webcams: Logitech's spectacular, state of the art HD webcam for Mac or PC:

With a Zeiss glass lens, and hi-res sensor, the image detail raises the bar for what an HD web camera ought to be:
Do note: HD video chat requires several things: A fast MacBook or Macintosh desktop system, ideally 2.4GHZ or higher, for HD conferencing a FAST, FAST internet connection like Premium Cable service (and not economy cable or DSL speeds) - and of course HD compatible Mac video applications that know how to sense and handle widescreen, 16:9 HD aspect ratios and transmitting HD content.

Fortunately, newer Macs have the processing oomph! needed. And with Apple's FaceTime HD - and Skype for Mac v5 now recently adding HD chat support, higher-quality videoconferencing is now at least possible. For most with more modest CPU horsepower and lower-bandwidth internet connections, buy an OSX compatible HD webcam for the stunning image clarity and quality - even when used at more modest 640x480 and non-HD resolutions.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Best MacBook Backup Drive? Think USB 3.0

Looking for a great little portable backup drive for your MacBook laptop or desktop Macintosh? The LaCie Rikiki Superspeed USB 3.0 Drive may prove to be a great near - and long-term choice.

For all the promise of ThunderBolt drives and devices - USB 3.0 SuperSpeed is an inevitability for Mac and PC's in the years ahead. Mac users can enjoy full USB 2.0 backup speeds on thier current Mac - and be USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ready when Macs and Windows systems start broadly incorporating USB 3.0 ports in 2012 and beyond.

As Professional-market SHIPPING ThunderBolt hard drives reach the market, the price premium is going to be too stiff for the average consumer. Especially since ThunderBolt almost REQUIRES SSD solid-state drives to even begin to take advantage of TBolt's 10GBps bandwidth. For the rest of us Mac users -- It's just smart money to think to the future, and look for an affordable spinning platter laptop drive for today's Mac backup needs that's USB3-ready.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone - iPad - Mac

Few portable Bluetooth speakers have the quality of engineering, frequency response, smart features and wow-factor like JawBone's JamBox. This A2DP stereo Bluetooth speaker with microphone offers compact, HandsFree call management, awesome music quality, great design and portability.

What makes this such an awesome wireless speaker for Apple iPad, Mac, iPhone and Touch is it's audio engineering. Dual precision engineered drivers PLUS a rubberized bass transducer built into the Lithium Ion battery pack's back delivers impressive frequency response in a 2.1 stereo travel speaker that you can hold in the palm of your hand. At around $199 list, it ain't cheap. But then, it doesn't sound cheap either. And comes in different colors and speaker grill patterns to suit your style.