Monday, September 12, 2011

Best HD Webcam For Mac

As with digital cameras and DV camcorders - the trend is ever-higher camera sensor resolution. So too with webcams for Mac. As we crossed from the VGA and 1.3MP web cam era into 2MP and beyond - web camera now offering 720p and 1080p true wide-screen high-definition video chat are becoming more common. THe best of the best in Mac compatible webcams: Logitech's spectacular, state of the art HD webcam for Mac or PC:

With a Zeiss glass lens, and hi-res sensor, the image detail raises the bar for what an HD web camera ought to be:
Do note: HD video chat requires several things: A fast MacBook or Macintosh desktop system, ideally 2.4GHZ or higher, for HD conferencing a FAST, FAST internet connection like Premium Cable service (and not economy cable or DSL speeds) - and of course HD compatible Mac video applications that know how to sense and handle widescreen, 16:9 HD aspect ratios and transmitting HD content.

Fortunately, newer Macs have the processing oomph! needed. And with Apple's FaceTime HD - and Skype for Mac v5 now recently adding HD chat support, higher-quality videoconferencing is now at least possible. For most with more modest CPU horsepower and lower-bandwidth internet connections, buy an OSX compatible HD webcam for the stunning image clarity and quality - even when used at more modest 640x480 and non-HD resolutions.

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